About Affiliations

US International Ballet (USIB), Wilmington School of Ballet (WSB), and Wilmington Ballet Company (WBC) are three distinct companies that work together on projects in the Wilmington Area.


US International Ballet (USIB) is an international professional ballet company that tours to multiple cities in NC and partners with an international affiliate (Piacenza Art Summer Ballet Course). USIB purposes to bring ballet into the twenty first century by creating cutting edge choreography that builds off of the strengths of a diversity of dancers. USIB partners with numerous organizations in tours and projects to achieve the mission.


Wilmington Ballet Company (WBC) is a non-profit community production company that purposes to bring professional level ballet experiences to a diverse population in the Cape Fear Region through outreach and partnership initiatives. WBC partners with local affiliates to involve diverse populations in projects that will expose them to the art of ballet. WBC produces events in theaters, schools, civic organizations, and a variety of non-profit settings.


Wilmington School of Ballet (WSB)/US Ballet Institute (USBI) - Wilmington School of Ballet is a private studio that serves students from preschool through vocational professional. WSB offers classroom instruction for ballet students from 2 years old through adult. USBI is the vocational arm of WSB. USBI offers vocational training to dancers wishing to develop professional skills in dancing, teaching, management, and leadership.