International Dancers may participate in USIB in a variety of ways.


Due to our professional guarantee, the USIB apprentice program is only open to American citizens. However, there are several other programs offered for international dancers.


  1. Visitor Dance Program:


International Dancers may participate in “short seasons” on a visitor visa in order to have a professional company experience in America. Short seasons are typically 3 months long and include two major productions. Visitor dancers participate in all company activities just like full company members, including all performances, tours, and projects.


      2.   Vocational Trainee Program (with our affiliate organization USBI):


USBI is a vocational dance trainee program which is a subdivision of The Wilmington School of Ballet, USIB's affiliate school. USBI vocational trainees participate in all US International Ballet activities/productions as well as a full schedule of USBI vocational training. Please see the US Ballet Institute at the Wilmington School of Ballet website for further information.


     3. Elite Members - dancers with active performance visas may apply for dancer positions.


Please contact us for further information.